FAKE vs REAL Kirkland Minoxidil

Recently we have seen an increased number of very cheap minoxidil on eBay, after conducting test purchases and research we have noticed a lot of the products are fake. I am providing some information to try and prevent you from being caught out by these unscrupulous sellers.
What is fake Kirkland Minoxidil?
Fake Kirkland minoxidil is liquid sold in Kirkland packaging that has not been manufactured by Kirkland/Perrigo themselves and is imitated usually by suppliers in the Far East, it is worth mentioning that liquid supplied may still contain the active ingredient minoxidil however you have no guarantees of its origin, composition or the safety/quality measures taken during manufacture.
How can I spot fake Kirkland Minoxidil?
It can be very difficult to spot a fake as the packaging is not complex, also Kirkland change their labels slightly quite frequently I have only ever seen fake liquid and not foam, however that doesn’t mean fake foam doesn’t exist, but I think it must be very rare if so, I’ve attached pictures that show some things to look out for, please note the pictures are relevant for new products, some older batches may vary.
If you see liquid that looks too cheap, then it probably is!
What is the risk of fake Kirkland Minoxidil?
The risks are unknown because nobody can be certain as to exactly what is in the bottle, it could be minoxidil it could be anything, and even if it does contain minoxidil there is no certainty on safety or quality control like you would have with genuine Kirkland products.
Where can I buy genuine Kirkland Minoxidil?
Aside from Costco where it is not available in every country not all eBay Kirkland minoxidil is fake and just because a seller has good feedback it doesn’t mean their products are genuine, there are many reputable websites out there including my own which can be found here:
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